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Vecchio 14-12-2016, 15.25.19   #1
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The Disadvantages Of Buying Luxury Panerai Watches

The Disadvantages Of Buying Luxury Panerai Watches

A lot of people see that there are luxury watches like Omega Watches, Breitling Watches, Cartier watches, TAG Heuer, Tag Heuer Carrer out there and assume that these products are going to be the same as the originals but sold for lower prices. This just isn't the truth! If you are going to buy a watch from brands like Panerai watches, A Lange watches or Audemars Piguet watches, it's fair to say that you want a luxury watch. And if you want a luxury or designer watch you absolutely have to expect to pay more. If you want a $20 watch, don't buy a Panerai and don't buy a luxury either!

First off, you have to consider the quality put into Panerai watches, Patek Philippe watches, and other brands. The quality is going to be some of the best that money can buy. This is one of the reasons they are so expensive. These companies are not expensive because they can be or because they are well-known. They are expensive because they use quality parts and materials that will last for years to come. Unlike your luxury Panerai watch, the real thing is going to look fantastic, feel fantastic and it's going to probably outlive you. A luxury just isn't going to do this.

So if you are all about saving money and that's why you want to buy a luxury, keep in mind that this will not actually save you money because chances are a luxury will break the day you buy it and you're going to have to buy ten more anyway. Also, I'm all about giving praise where praise is due. If a company like Panerai can make an amazing watch, I'm not going to go someplace else just because I can get it for a cheaper price.

Next, you have to consider the look of your Panerai watch. With a luxury timepiece, it's obvious that you're not looking at the real deal. It won't contain the same metals or feature the same logos or etchings. It's a fake. That's what a luxury is: a cheap copy of the real thing.

You also need to think about what's going to happen if you watch needs some repairs. If something breaks on your luxury Panerai watch, do you really think Panerai is going to fix it? Doubtful! By buying genuine timepieces from Panerai watches, A Lange Sohne watches or AP watches, you are guaranteeing yourself superior customer service, and you will receive a certification of authenticity to prove it.

Which brings me to my last point: If you ever sell watches on an auction site and you want to start with luxurys for lower startup costs, you can actually get in a lot of trouble with the owners of the site. It specifically says in most sites' terms of service that if you are caught selling fake or luxury items you will get your account not only deleted, but you will be banned for life. And if an auction site thinks luxurys are that bad, maybe you should too! If a Panerai watch is too expensive for you, buy a Casio it's less expensive, and it's not a fake!
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Vecchio 14-03-2017, 06.48.39   #2
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you have shared a great piece of information. I am going to Sell Audemars watch , those tips will help me to get the right price for my watch. Thanks.
samsmith23 Non in Linea   Rispondi Citando
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